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Local Heroes save $$$ when buying or selling their home!

The Dirks Family
Bryan Police Officer

Local program offered by Freedom Realty of Texas gives back to the heroes of the community that are looking to buy or sell their home.  Dawn Selix, owner & broker of Freedom Realty of Texas, has been giving a significant portion of her commission to local heroes since 2007 as a way to say "Thank You" to those that protect, serve, and many times lay their lives on the line for our community & our country.  In 2015, the Helping Heroes Home program was created!  

Heroes that sign up not only receive a portion of the commission paid to Freedom Realty of Texas, but they also receive discounts on other services needed throughout the home buying & selling process.  Several inspectors, surveyors, home repairmen, and others have agreed to offer discounts as well through the program.   Wanting to BUILD A HOME instead?  There are a handful of builders that Dawn works with that have agreed to offer her heroes a special gift, closing cost credit, or another type of incentive.

The only qualification to receive the discounts of the program is that you or your spouse is or was a "HERO".  There are NOT any income qualifications, special paperwork, or any other hidden requirements.  

The program is offered exclusively through Freedom Realty of Texas, so if you are already working with another REALTOR, unfortunately you cannot take advantage of these savings through this program.

Oh... there is one other request, and most heroes are excited to do so...  taking a picture with the Helping Heroes Home BIG CHECK.  

Paul Stearns & Gabriela Zambrano
Elementary Teacher @ Bryan ISD

So who qualifies, you may ask!  If you or your spouse are one of the following, YOU QUALIFY FOR HUGE SAVINGS!!!
  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire Fighters
  • 1st Responders
  • 9-1-1 Dispatchers
  • EMT / Paramedics
  • Medical Professionals 
  • Educators (including principals, school nurses, & other paid school employees)
      Active, retired, & veterans qualify.  


  And signing up should be your 1st step when getting ready to buy or sell a home.  Dawn Selix will help you through the whole process, from getting pre-approved,  and/or credit repair to finding the perfect home.  She's there for you long after closing, and even has home repair & maintenance contacts that have agreed to offer you discounts EVEN AFTER CLOSING!!  

Fill out the form at or on the Freedom Realty of Texas website.  You will be contacted within 24 hours by Dawn herself and/or by her preferred lender if you are ready to get pre-approved.    NOT QUITE READY YET?  Sign up to receive updates or visit the facebook page to meet other heroes who have already been through the program!

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